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Our Coffee



  • £2.60/Medium
  • £2.90/Large
  • £2.60/Take away


  • £1.90/Medium
  • £2.20/Large
  • £1.90/Take away

Flat white

  • £2.30/Regular
  • £2.30/Take away


  • £2.30/Regular
  • £2.20/Take away


  • £2.30/Regular
  • £2.70/Large
  • £2.30/Take away


  • £1.50/Regular
  • £1.80/Large


  • £1.80/Double Shot
  • £1.50/Single Shot

Breakfast Tea

  • £1.80/Pot
  • £1.60/Take away

Tea Pigs Flavoured Tea

  • £1.90/Regular
  • £1.70/Take away




Other Hot Drinks

Deli hot chocolate

  • £2.80/Large
  • £2.50/Take away
(with marshmallows, cream, flake and sauce)

Hot chocolate

  • £2.30/Regular
  • £2.20/Take away

Chocolate babycino

  • £1.00/Small
  • £1.00/Take away

Iced cappuccino

  • £2.30/All one size

Iced Americano

  • £1.80/All one size

Iced latte

  • £2.20/All one size

Deli Fruit Crush’s

  • £.3.50/All one size
Orange, Mango and pineapple Crush, Summer Berry Crush, Strawberry and Vanilla Crush

Deli Frappe’s

  • £3.50/All one size
Chocolate Flake, Caramel Swirl, Sweet Vanilla… (All available with / without coffee)


  • £0.60/Shot
Hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, Irish cream, Gingerbread, Amaretto, Choc mint, Salted Caramel


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